Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering

Geotechnical earthquake engineering can be defined as that subspecialty within the field of geotechnical engineering that deals with the design and construction of projects to resist the effects of earthquakes. Geotechnical earthquake engineering requires knowledge of basic geotechnical principles as well as an understanding of geology, seismology, and earthquake engineering.

Geo-Advantec professionals have performed comprehensive geotechnical, geological, and geohazard investigations for seismic rehabilitation of several projects in southern California. The scope of our work included conducting field borings, field geophysics study, performing site-specific seismic hazard analysis per USGS, CGS, CBC, and ASCE-41 guidelines, providing different site response spectra, liquefaction study, and stability evaluation during earthquakes. In the field of geotechnical earthquake engineering, our services include:

  • Seismic Hazard Evaluation
  • Ground Motion Studies
  • Seismic Lateral Displacement of Slopes and Settlement
  • DSHA, PSHA, and Site-Specific Studies
  • Liquefaction and Seismic Settlement Analysis
  • Ground Motion Response Spectra
  • SSI Modeling/Response Spectra