About Geo-Advantec, Inc.

Geo-Advantec, Inc. is a privately held Small Business Enterprise (SBE), providing a full range of high quality geotechnical engineering, engineering geology, earthquake engineering, soils and materials testing, and during construction testing and inspection services for projects of various magnitude and scope.

GeoAdvantec is committed to provide competent and timely services relying on the background and talent of its staff. Our highly qualified team of engineers delivers decades of practical experience and knowledge of the most recent methods in various disciplines. The team assures the highest level of practice standards to maintain clients’ trust through providing accurate analyses, reliable data, and informed recommendations. We support public and private sector clients in a diverse range of markets, at every stage from conceptual design and feasibility study to project completion.

Founding Principal’s Message

My dedication to the engineering practice was cultivated since I was in high school and it goes back to more than four decades ago. After more than 3 decades of working as a consulting engineer, I have been able to fulfill one of the most important milestones of my career by founding Geo-Advantec, Inc. in January, 2012.

I am so proud and fortunate to have a team of enthusiastic staff who are talented, smart, experienced, and honest. We, as the Geo-Advantec family, are inspired to continue providing high quality engineering services to our clients with professionalism, authenticity, integrity, and commitment to the highest level of service possible.