Engineering Geology

Engineering geology is the application of geologic sciences to the engineering aspects of a project to assure that the geologic factors and hazards in regarding the location, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of engineering works are recognized and incorporated into the design of a project. Engineering geologists investigate and provide geologic recommendations, analysis, and design associated with site development. The expertise of the engineering geologist is essentially in earth-structure interactions and investigation of how the earth or earth processes impact human-made structures and human activities.

In geographic zones such as Southern California, where seismic hazard plays a significant role in the design of safe structures, no comprehensive geotechnical evaluation can be done without having an engineering geology insight about the project. GAI’s geologists/engineering geologists are highly competent and experienced in providing several related services such as:

  • Fault Trenching and Evaluation
  • Seismic Hazard Evaluation
  • Geologic Mapping
  • Landslide Evaluation
  • Slope Stability Evaluation
  • Subsurface Exploration and Downhole Logging
  • Aerial Photography Review
  • Review of Geologic Literature