Grading Monitoring and Field Testing

The long-term performance of all engineering structures such as buildings, bridges and roadways, highly depends on the soundness of the supporting soils and foundation system. Continuous observation and testing of grading operations and foundation construction are required to assure the long-term performance of the project and to ascertain that the end product complies with the specification and fulfills the lifetime service needs of the project. The GAI team of experienced field engineers and technicians provides the following “during construction” services:

  • Mass Grading Monitoring
  • Shoring System Installation monitoring and Tie-Back Testing
  • Soils Nailing and Anchoring Observation and Performance Testing
  • Caissons and Drilled Piles Construction Observation
  • Driven Pile Observation Pile Dynamic Testing/Analysis and Integrity Evaluations
  • Pavement Sub-grade, Aggregate Base, and Asphalt/Concrete Field Testing
  • Foundation Excavation Observations
  • Field Density Testing
  • Observation and Testing of Soils Stabilization Projects