• Centinela Valley Union High School District, Lawndale High School New Student Service Building (2015)

image24As a DSA approved laboratory, Geo-Advantec provided soils/materials inspection and testing services for construction phase of the new student service building, a 20,000sf steel-framed two story structure in Lawndale High School. The testing and inspection services included but not limited to soils testing, concrete field, laboratory and batch plant testing and inspection, Steel frames/structures field installation and welding inspection, welding shop inspection, high strength bolt testing and inspection, fireproofing, and masonry. The estimated construction cost of project was about $15M.

  • Fullerton Joint High School District, Seismic Rehabilitation of Historical Plummer Auditorium (2015)

image18Geo-Advantec team performed a comprehensive geotechnical evaluation to provide information for design and construction of the project. The auditorium building was considered a historical site built circa 1930s’. Our field geotechnical study included conducting 5 borings, as deep as 60 feet, as well as measuring Vs30 (shear wave velocity for the upper 30 meters) at the field by using Spectral Analysis of Surface Wave (SASW) method. GAI team performed laboratory tests on selected samples as well as engineering analysis. And provided all the soils parameters complying with the methods outlined in ASCE 41-13. To evaluate the seismic hazard at the site, we conducted site-specific study (probabilistic and deterministic hazard analysis) and provide the structural team with the site-specific spectra.

  • William Hart Union High School District, Canyon High School Auditorium Building (2014-2015)

image29The project involved modernization of the existing Music Building, as well as construction of a new 20,000 sf area Auditorium Building. As the DSA Laboratory of Record, Geo-Advantec provided geotechnical and materials inspection and testing and conducted continuous/periodic inspections in compliance with the requirements of T & I sheet (DSA-103), applicable codes, and DSA approved project documents. The project cost was about $14M and the entire duration of the project was about 15 months.

  • Centinela Valley Union High School District, Hawthorn and Lawndale High Schools Developments (2013-2014)

image12In 2013, Geo-Advantec conducted four separate geotechnical and geohazard investigations for the Centinela Valley Union High School District at Hawthorne and Lawndale High Schools within the city of Hawthorne, California.

The development in Hawthorne High School included a one to two-story amphitheater, a two-story classroom building, and a drop off parking area and two parking lots.

The proposed developments in Lawndale High School consisted of the construction of a two-story student union service building along with the associated site work in the building vicinity, a two-story classroom building and the repaving of the existing asphalt paved parking area on the south and southeast side of the proposed building.

Geo-Advantec conducted field exploratory works, and performed laboratory tests on collected soil samples. After performing engineering analysis, we provided the District with final reports which were approved by CGS (California Geologic Survey).

  • Wiseburn School District, Construction of Da Vinci High School (2013-2014)

image25Wiseburn Unified School District and Da Vinci Schools together financed construction of a high school facility envisioned to be an innovative structure designed for 21st Century education. A combination of $87 million local bond and $52.7 million in the state matching funds from the Charter Schools Facilities Program provided the funding for the building and grounds, including a multi-purpose theater, practice field, gymnasium, and pool.

Geo-Advantec, Inc. was hired by the school district to act as the geotechnical engineer of the record for this magnificent project and perform a comprehensive geotechnical and geohazard study. Therefore, Geo-Advantec conducted two comprehensive geotechnical and geohazard studies for the following projects:

  • A new one and partially two-story gymnasium, approximately 35,000 square feet, an aquatic center with two swimming pools, a storage and mechanical room, and a new paved parking area around the proposed gymnasium and pools.
  • image04Renovation of an existing four-story office building to be converted to a future high school building. The existing four-story building had about 80,000sq area in each floor, totaling in about 330,000sq building area. The building was supported by large-diameter caissons with enlarged base. As part of the project, we conducted shear wave velocity measurement site specific seismic hazard study. Then we provided specific recommendations for the new shallow and deep foundations as well as re-strengthening of the existing caisson to accommodate the seismic loads.

The final report was reviewed and approved by the CGS/DSA with no corrective comment.