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  • Geotechnical Investigations and Seismic Hazard Evaluation for Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Energy System Projects

Geo-Advantec team has completed geotechnical and geohazard investigation for sets of PV array parking shade structures for numerous school sites within the southern California. The following school districts are among the ones our team performed field investigation, laboratory testing, and office engineering for:

  • Los Angeles Unified School District (16 campuses)
  • Long beach Unified School District (5 campuses)
  • Big Bear Valley Unified School District (5 campuses)
  • City of Anaheim, Development and Construction (Upgrade of 12 KV Switchgear and Control Building) at Yorba Substation (2015)

image03The project site was in the City of Anaheim, California and would expand over two adjacent properties with the addresses of 5030 and 4952 La Palma Avenue. To upgrade the 12KV Switchgear and Control Building, the proposed developments included construction of three new poles, several switchgears, and a control room on the site, as well as other miscellaneous jobs.

Geo-Advantec performed comprehensive field exploratory program, and conducted laboratory testing on the collected samples. After completing the engineering analysis, our team provided the City with the geotechnical engineering/geohazard evaluation report.

  • City of Big Bear Lake, Solar Shade Structures (2014)



In 2014, GAI performed a geotechnical investigation for two sets PV array structures for the City of Big Bear Lake. Afterwards, and during construction, GAI provided geotechnical materials testing and performed continuous and periodic inspections in compliance with the project approved documents. Our. scope of work included reviewing plans and project specifications, monitoring grading works, observing the bottom of excavations, observing and logging the caissons, inspecting rebar placement, performing periodic site visits for quality control purposes, observing and testing compaction during grading operations including removal and backfilling, documenting removal, backfills, and tested areas, performing required laboratory tests on retained samples from on-site and/or imported materials for fill placement, field concrete sampling, and laboratory compression testing on the collected samples.