Dr. Ariannia is a California Certified Civil and Geotechnical Engineer, with more than 34 years of experience in design, supervision, and technical management of major projects in structural and geotechnical fields. He has been involved in major projects such as transportation/transit, power plants, cooling towers, silos, bridges, and medium to high-rise multi story structures. The breadth of his experience includes geotechnical analysis, field and laboratory testing management, slope stability and liquefaction analysis, seismic hazard evaluation, pile and earth retaining structures design, design and monitoring of soil improvement solutions, design and implementation of repair and retrofit methods relevant to soils, foundation and structural behavior for different types of structures. In the last 15 years, he has actively practiced geotechnical engineering and consulting in southern California. He has been the Geotechnical Engineer of Record for numerous educational, transportation, pavement study and rehabilitation, multi-story building, road, bridge, and parking structure projects. Dr. Ariannia has completed several value engineering for pavement and foundation projects, resulted in substantial saving. Dr. Ariannia is the founder and former chairman of ASCE SoCal Inland Empire Geo-Institute.


Mr. Hanson is a California Registered Geologist and Certified Engineering Geologist with over 34 years of experience in performing geological/geotechnical investigations, geologic inspections and preparing geological reports. His experience involved performing geologic mapping for fault evaluations at the Seven Oaks Dam Project, performing as the field manager supervising a team of field technicians during construction monitoring for widening of the Garden Grove Freeway (State Route 22), and lead geologist and inspector of CC Ranch Project in Castaic. Mr. Hanson evaluated joint patterns and faulting exposed in the tunnel during construction for the SAWPA brine line in Riverside County. Also, monitored instrumentation to record the amount of ground shaking received by the existing overlying structures due to blasting activities during the construction of the tunnel. Mr. Hanson has performed numerous site-specific seismic hazard evaluation for different educational/DSA projects in Southern California.


Ms. Sedagat is the Vice President of strategy and business development representing Geo-Advantec in California especially the Southern California region. She joined the team with a bachelor's degree in Industrial and System Engineering, an MBA degree, and a master’s degree in Advanced Management from Claremont Graduate University, Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi School of Management, California. Ms. Sedagat has over 15 years of experience and her contribution leads Geo-Advantec to define its business development strategy, increase brand awareness, differentiate its services from other competitors, and adjust its business and marketing goals. Her remarkable academic background and diverse work experience as an engineer, human resource management specialist, and business development and marketing professional make her a valuable asset to the company. During her contribution, she has also been consulting the firm’s leadership in other aspects of the business such as accounting and financial management, operation management, and human resource management activities.